Wrath Archive

#Stop Adani 2017 Stop Adani Melbourne (Princes Park, Princes Hill)

Birds of a fighting feather, sticking together. First I see my son’s mate, a vegan, comrade. Then a bestie, nearlifelong friend, greening Melbourne with her smile. Then my teaching team’s lead. Then a friend I haven’t seen since a reunion. One song.  

Equal Love 2017 Equal Love Rally and Mass Illegal Wedding (SLV)

One of 20,000 rallying for yes. Generous invitation, all that hurt, yet arms open to cis-ters. Brides with curly hair on their arms, size fourteen heels. Joy. And an unexpected and appropriate pleasure, feeding the second baby of two long-loving women.  

World Day for the End of Speciesism 2017 Melbourne March (Treasury Gardens to Bourke Street Mall)

Creating a square of peace in the guts of consumption.  Buyers think outside this gentle blockade of Christians and Muslims and Buddhists and Sikhs (these the faiths I’m sure about). Surely a matter of time before the paddocks are reworked into care.

Melbourne Chicken Save 2017 Rally (Bourke Street Mall)

Some give two hours, I give less, yet there despite scaredy-cat excuses. Walking past is hard but people manage. A mum and two little ones duck-run, a manboy chicken-walks. One brochure taken for thirty-plus refusals. It’s hard. To receive is to change.  

Close the Slaughterhouses 2017 (Streets of Melbourne)

Compassion 101 under the guidance of activists who speak of love, respect, creativity, nonviolence. Patty Marks from ALV reminds us the killpit has a glass ceiling now (click) and James Aspey sits us down, allows us, animals that we are, to rest.

Jo Anne McArthur 2017 We Animals (University of Melbourne)

Emotional address contextualises the work of animal advocates. ‘Solutionaries.’ She thanks those who do not turn away, asking we animals to ‘confront our own complicity’. Finishes with inspiration. Take actions that resonate with what you love most, to give your advocacy longevity.

Invasion Day Rally 2017 (Streets of Melbourne)

So much more than survival and so little reparation from the stem of harm. Advice for allies is clear. Turn up, ears open. Listening Day. The language is offered. Generous gifting.  Wurundjeri. Wathaurong. Djargurd Wurrung. Girai Wurrung. The places my feet fall.

Refugee Action Collective 2017 Vigil for Faysal (Steets of Melbourne)

Truth from storyteller Zable. A vigil is about vigilance. Gathering hearts beating in the name of Faysal. Murdered through ‘callous neglect’. Known as ‘honourable minister’. Killed by a voter-validated refusal to care. Chanting poems: ‘youths stare into the empty sky’  #NotInMyName #BringThemHere

Angela Davies 2016 Justice, Conflict, Responsibility (University of Melbourne)

Hordes open to this legend and she pours into us the need to get active. Time for an ‘anti-capitalist party’ before the right to build a radical party is lost. There is no ‘hierarchy of activisms’. Intersectionality is vital. Photo pending: An overstuffed room in the third overflow full of bated breath

Double Dialogues 2016 Creativity: Why Do Things Break (University of Adelaide)

A double dialogue day of ten minutes of brilliance after ten minutes of brilliance and more and more until a soaring finish of wine and song. Broken like records, broken like celebratory sods, broken like a skin that has become too tight.