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Dominique Hecq 2017 Hush: A Fugue (UWAP)

Precise muscled writing, a tearing arc of pain that gathers in my own. Emotion, perfectly wrought. This symphony of long-held grief for the departure of loved ones is a reminder, jagged as a hacksaw, that those embedded in my heart never leave.

Soul-a-Go-Go 2017 (Nightcat)

How long since I’ve been in the cat? A go-going again. Let the flood lights of the union freeze the man ignoring Mayday. Here, darkness, pressed metal grunge. Fulton Street  funked it up. Soul driven had me riven to the dance floor.

MCM Chamber Choir 2017 Petite Messe Solennelle (Melba Hall)

Priceless. A gift. Cinema comfort seats, deco décor, thirty beautiful voices in splendour. A smoky grey floor length gown with shawl, two valour jackets, one emerald, one crimson. And then they opened their mouths like young birds and sang like old souls.

Cathy’s Whip and Heathcliff’s Snarl: Control, Violence, Care and Rights in Brontë’s Wuthering Heights 2017 (a critical essay)

At many points in Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë questions the inequity between humans and other animals, both by linking physical cruelty to other forms of oppression, and by depicting such oppressions as unacceptable, be they enacted against humans or nonhumans. In …    

Citizen Snake 2017 ( a lyrical essay)

This essay is part of an ongoing effort to strengthen my material affinity with snakes. By working through my all-too-human physical engagement with these creatures, turning to literature to re-imagine the ways that I see the snakes in my life, I aim…  

Lucy and the Night Sky 2017 Album Launch (Courthouse Theatre, Geelong)

Baby grand piano one of the dreams in this night of beauty. Invictus one of many highlights. Chopin’s death march with dirty guitar. Waiting for next album’s eerie protest anthem, voicing the unease of Australian living. ‘Don’t let the red dust settle.’

Divine Wings: Literary Flights between the Cyclic Avian in Emily Brontë’s Poems and Oblivia’s Swan Song in Alexis Wright’s The Swan Book 2016 (a critical essay)

A readerly aesthetic of ecological consciousness, outlined in recent ecocritical scholarship, has led me to connect a number of Emily Brontë’s poems (from an oeuvre created between 1835 and 1848) to the swooping turns in Alexis Wright’s third and latest novel The …    

Dream Writing beyond a Wounded World 2015 (a critical essay)

If it is accepted that pro-environmental actions are related to positive perceptions of the external environment, then it can be argued that literature has the potential to shift readers’ preparedness to act for constructive ecological change. Texts that discern communications from nonhuman …  

Sensible Spectators: Agape at the Mouth of the Cave 2014 (a lyrical essay)

A heartfelt part of my effort to live better in the world is to seek new ways to understand how I can sensibly go beyond my own skin. Here I build on this audacious desire, thinking through perceptions and significations specific to …    

Meltemi 2014 (a short story)

Always I liked Spiros Metropolis, but Mana hated him for all his life. You know why? Because his family were on the other side of politics to us. You think that doesn’t matter? It did. It was all about politics then. Mana …