Monthly Archive:: December 2017

Omar Musa 2014 Here Come the Dogs (Penguin)

Dreamy Jimmy keeps pace with a rescued greyhound, becomes the ‘lithe body of a river’, enters the ‘golden lights’ of a grotto, raps out his life with Run DMC (285). The wisdom of Gabe. People can change if ‘life lets them’ (267).

Rosi Braidotti 2013 The Posthuman (Polity Press)

Humans getting over themselves, entering the flow that was always-already there. Wandering and wondering with all the other nomads. Forget human norms, all that ‘normality, normalcy, and normativity’ (26). Death embraced for its ‘radical immanence’ (136). Time now for ‘transformative becoming’ (165).

Mama Alto 2017 Sixth Annual Mama Alto Holiday Special (Hares and Hyenas)

Aired superlatives accurate, much deserved excellent critique. The generosity of this night, warm welcomes to guest singers, harmonies of open hearts, enraptured guests in crowded seats and the fashionably late lining the walls in this room with a view.  Rain pouring blessings.