Monthly Archive:: January 2017

Invasion Day Rally 2017 (Streets of Melbourne)

So much more than survival and so little reparation from the stem of harm. Advice for allies is clear. Turn up, ears open. Listening Day. The language is offered. Generous gifting.  Wurundjeri. Wathaurong. Djargurd Wurrung. Girai Wurrung. The places my feet fall.

Jean-François Lyotard 1991 The Inhuman: Reflections on Time (Polity Press) 

An appreciation of synchrony and the necessity and treachery of witness beyond the ‘great monad’ of capital (69). The transformative energy of matter, in all ‘families’, including ‘mechanical, calorific, electrical, chemical, rays, nuclear’ and perhaps ‘spiritual’ (36). The matter of humans included.

Ali Smith 1991 Hotel World (Penguin)

Ghost story for these times. ‘Woooo-oooooh.’ Extractions from the numismatics of capital. ‘Remember you must live …most love…mist leaf’ (30, 237). Life is exchange. I reluctantly close the borrowed hard cover, with joy find a copy at an opshop within the month.

Refugee Action Collective 2017 Vigil for Faysal (Steets of Melbourne)

Truth from storyteller Zable. A vigil is about vigilance. Gathering hearts beating in the name of Faysal. Murdered through ‘callous neglect’. Known as ‘honourable minister’. Killed by a voter-validated refusal to care. Chanting poems: ‘youths stare into the empty sky’  #NotInMyName #BringThemHere