Monthly Archive:: November 2016

Andrew Goodman 2016 Flume (Blindside Gallery)

White sculptural mass that glances, calls, holds me in its folds. A regression in these hand-stitched entrances. Alone, I indulge. The sound seems connected, then disconnected. Then I don’t hear a thing. I return to my stitched-up bear, perhaps my mother’s womb.

Lindy Judge 2016 Evidence (Again) (Blindside Gallery)

A fabric loved for years, tactile as those sticky notes. Step closer and the materiality changes to a veneer with a fresh dimension. A poem slides its way through the tears of time in this pulled apart white muslin. A fluttered curtain.  

Richard Kerridge 2014 Cold Blood (Chatto and Windus)

Man-boy scouting anthropomorphism as a form of understanding the shared self within the newt, the toad, the snake. In uncanny pond magnetics the slimy scale of nonhuman othering. Our self hurts like the clipping of a toe in the name of science.

Han Kang 2016 The Vegetarian (Hogarth)

The brutality of  meat as family, covered in the beauty of flowers, of stubborn trees. This in a patriarchal hot house that scorches life to death.  Perhaps ‘this, finally, might help you understand what the nation really was’ (201). The book closes.