Monthly Archive:: October 2016

Carrie Tiffany 2012 Mateship with Birds (Picador)

No explicit mention of a hurting colonised land. That story is told by kookaburras. Their busy singularity. They kill a snake as a team. Use their beaks to pulverize a rat in its skin until it’s ready to eat. I mourn Tiny.

Angela Davies 2016 Justice, Conflict, Responsibility (University of Melbourne)

Hordes open to this legend and she pours into us the need to get active. Time for an ‘anti-capitalist party’ before the right to build a radical party is lost. There is no ‘hierarchy of activisms’. Intersectionality is vital. Photo pending: An overstuffed room in the third overflow full of bated breath

Double Dialogues 2016 Creativity: Why Do Things Break (University of Adelaide)

A double dialogue day of ten minutes of brilliance after ten minutes of brilliance and more and more until a soaring finish of wine and song. Broken like records, broken like celebratory sods, broken like a skin that has become too tight.

S Hall 2016 Squatting (West of Birregurra)

the front opens doorknocking knell of Latin prayer and labour caged in by a botanical garden dipped in blood as sheep following old slaughteryard contours imprinted quiet, winged shrill of generational survival distant horse hauteur peeling paint, pissing rain, stained veranda post