Monthly Archive:: July 2016

AASG 2015 Animaladies (Sydney University)

Flowing ethical brilliance. Food and drink creates no pause. Lori Gruen entangles empathy and shows me her rescue rat. Dinesh Wadiwel interpolates ideology in the War on Animals. Officially a conscientious objector (thank you Vasile Stanescu). Duck Lake? Yup. Bought the t-shirt.

Richard Frankland 2016 Keynote PSi#22 (University of Melbourne)

Singing, chanting, charming us in, reminding us ‘racism is a mental health issue’. We ‘agitators and stirrers’ called to lighten the ‘cultural load’ of Australia’s first peoples. This spring Richard Frankland will be marking massacre sites. All invited to stand. I’m in.  

Marrugkeku Theatre 2016 Cut the Sky (Arts House Meat Market)

Marrugkeku Theatre revises Nick Cave’s Weeping Song in dark set of despair. Epic theatre framing ‘the gift of mortality’. Dancing old and new story-songs. The challenge, ‘Do you care enough to change?’ The staged rain falls like hope. Even in winter-cold Melbourne.  

Bruno Latour 2015 Keynote PSi#22 (University of Melbourne)

A reputation that fills the PLT, spills out to another theatre, lights up a performative conference, spreads to the world. We ‘should act’ from wherever we’re situated. Create an ‘alternative plot’. Attentively work the ‘mud’ of the earth’s sensitised ‘thin’ ocean-deep ‘skin’.