Monthly Archive:: April 2016

Murial Spark 1959 Momento Mori (Lippincott)

Of its time and place with wisps of early delights (my own with P. G. Wodehouse) but privilege only lasts so long. Rich or poor, we all die. Memorable injunction to ‘practice’ the ‘remembrance of death’ in order to live with intensity.

Tony Birch 2015 Ghost River (UQ Press)

Deep dive into the Merri and Yarra. Boys I would have worked to befriend and river I would have swum in. Emotive writing, water under change. Swirling flow of an ancestral serpent spitting out the chest-puffing of capital and welcoming the good-hearted.  

Richard Linklater 2014 Boyhood (RTV)

Boyhood:  Ethan Hawk a pleasure and watching the characters mature over the 12 years to took to make the film has the mesmerising intrigue of Seven Up without the ethical discomfort of cold hearted documentary sensationalism. Ethnographers (like me) will love this movie.  

A Centre for Everything 2015 Counter-histories, Defacement and Spaghetti (Cromwell Studios)

Workshop on counter histories and defacement makes the point that only one percent of Australia’s monuments work with indigenous history. Most installations are temporary, moved on. They show trees that have grown around the Tent Embassy, creating a new point of view.

Gavin Hood 2016 Eye in the Sky (Nova)

The West-centric Eye in the Sky scours for blood, offering no solutions. Alan Rickman (vale) has the line of the film. ‘Never tell a soldier he doesn’t know the cost of war.’ (Forgive him this mannish slip, it’s not all alpha men.)

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot 2016 Clinamen (NGV)

The blockbuster has brought in heavy crowds. The good rose witch of St Kilda slips me away into the gallery’s deep inner reaches. A music of chiming bowls, floating like festival lanterns, shifting with the water’s slow breathing swell. We drink tea.