Monthly Archive:: March 2016

AFL 2016 Cats and Hawks (MCG)

Geelong and Hawthorn in March, little at stake. We sit on the peak, view of gods. Hawks faction of the family yaws and caws, the cats sit in desolate silence. Quarter ends, goals change, scores reverse. The wind prevails, the game reshapes.

Orhan Pamuk 2008 Museum of Innocence (Faber)

Traipsing through this museum a hard slog. The narrator’s obsessive love makes the theory of mimetic desire real. A dizzying doubling reflexivity. Read compulsively and reluctantly in patches, taking a breather with other less needy works. Journey done. Cup of tea required.  

UCA 2016 Flowering crosses (Cobden UC)

Easter is a difficult concept. All that blood lust and the sense of a pagan back story. Greek tradition plays out the tragedy in full, and like most things in Western civilisation, here we are, indebted again. Sacrifice comes in many guises.

Walk for Justice for Refugees 2016 (Swanston Street)

Palm Sunday March. Walking behind all kinds of groups in sympathy, empathy. Gathering our frail hopes. Lone cries en masse. Threading through our marching feet, shoppers, bent on their own missions. We stand to be counted, cry for shame. Again. Again. Again.

Morefire 181 2016 (Mercat Basement)

Morefire #181 is at its best in the venue that feels just right. Jessi I continues to foster the love and the sisters mix it up with some big voice and we groove in deep to our reggae church like it’s 1999 (vale Prince).

George Xylouris and Jim White 2016 (Oakleigh Caravan Club)

The lute, voice and drums of Xylouris White erupting all over Melbourne. Oakleigh Caravan Club bursting with Hellenic life and respect for Xylouris legacy. Love and tragedy. Dancers, arms up. Full tables, red raw palms, feel of the floor in my feet.