Monthly Archive:: February 2016

Miles Allinson 2015 The Fever of Animals (Scribe)

The Fever of Animals (Miles Allinson 2015) is a clever book but despite that, it drew me in through my cautious love for the surrealists and the way Allinson criss-crosses the fine lines between fiction and fact, study and practice, readers and writers.  

Gold Class 2016 (Gasometer Hotel)

Gold Class says sil Lengo. A mix between The Smiths and New Order. Gas packed. Prize winners, says gig mate. We wear fluked twin retro denim jackets. Blasting to the past with this division of joyful drums and lead ax. Channel Morrissey.

School of Life 2016 Empathy (Melbourne Town Hall)

Packed Town Hall of Empathy. School of Life’s latest ‘secular sermon’. Standing ovation for better words to Australian anthem and prompts to read novels, switch channels (like NITV, JOY) and to listen, attentively, to a stranger every week for 5 mins. Done once.

Various artists 2016 White Night (Exhibition Gardens and RMIT)

White Night’s s Exhibition Gardens. Respect to the deadly Picha Makin Fellaz. Push for a peace that has been lost for centuries. Park full of gasps and selfies to this dreamy backdrop. RMIT’s tucked away reminders of past violence continue the story.

Gillian Welsh 2016 Dream a Highway (Festival Hall)

Gillian Welch yodels love with the Dave Rawlings machine. The banjo is the sunny side. A loved one has shed his shackles: she does I Fly Away to tears. No banjo, no dancing. The cover of Cortez the Killer raises the dead.

Gail Jones 2015 A Guide to Berlin (Random)

A Guide to Berlin (Gail Jones, 2015), after Vladimir Nabokov’s so-named short story, is best for the word at its core: propinquity, attraction through proximity. The idea of speak-memory is its challenge for readers and for writers. Life story lies as unavoidable joys.