Monthly Archive:: January 2016

Kate Messud 2013 The Woman Upstairs (Knopf)

Had me at the first paragraph. Got to love an angry honest strong woman. Massud tells the story as if Nora’s done over but who knows? Artists are predators. That’s what they do. NB: Nora (Gnawer) is a fine teacher of children.

Quinn Eades 2015 All the Beginnings (ASP)

The conceptualisation and production of ‘écriture matière’ in this text is breathtaking. Eades takes readers into the ‘glittering abyss’ that includes the breathtaking entry of two boys into this world. Cixous and Irigaray as poets as well as critics. Inspired.  

Various artists 2016 Right There On My TV (Tote)

Slid in late to a commemorative do at the Tote. Gold Class emerged as a band to see through a steamy INXS cover. Family man Quincy McClean braved Evie in three parts. Living in the Seventies covered and revealed as epic camp.

Adam McKay 2016 The Big Short (Nova)

The Big Short seen under the auspices of a Green fundraiser. The film’s cutting disdain for the greed of the system we have accepted nicely underlined by catcalls and hissing. Bubblebath explanation very helpful. Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt also a pleasure.

Kate Jennings 1996 Snake (Minerva)

A slithery book that began as a poem and it reads that way. ‘Girlie reads books like a caterpillar eating its way through the leaves on a tree.’ (93). A series of hard slaps with chapters that are sometimes one short paragraph long.

Morefire NYE 2016 (24 Moons)

Sweet slow tram from the city into the fireworking hills of Northcote to hear the Morefire decks bringing in 2016. Jah-focused eyes of Jesse I. Powerful live component brought in by the Sistas. Presence and vulnerability of Billie Holiday. The Goddess is alive.